360 Rotation Cute-styled Easy Bucket Sheep Mop Set


This is an amazingly Cute-styled Easy Bucket Sheep Mop Set with super Effort-Saving, Time-Saving and Energy-Saving Innovative Concepts, Dehydration Principle Of Design, Has A Strong Cleansing Effect, Do Not Dirty Your Hands, Do Not Charge Physical, Unplugged, Simple Operation, Fit For Adults And Children. The Wet And Dry Dual-Use, Extremely Net, Seamless, Secure. It Has New Dehydration Device, Freely Control The Mop Head’s Humidity, With Cleaning, Vacuum, Water Absorption Effects, Time-Saving Convenience, Quick Drying And More Secure. New Type of Mop Head Design, Bucket features include Wheel support and Liquid Dispenser.

1. high-efficiency floor cleaning
2. cute bucket
3. super water absorption
4. microfiber head refill
5. dry/wet multi-use

  • BP: 7200
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